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What's New?

Take a look at our new Craft Items page, which gives you access to all sorts of bespoke goodies, from hallmarked jewellery to flower arrangements, all made by us to your design.

We've started adding stories from the Mabinogion - first one, Lleu Llaw Gyffes has been added, but there are more on the way.

Look out, too, for the Troubadours of Albion Witches Brouhaha, an activism group set up to help uphold our values.  Join up here.

The Witches Brouhaha section on the website has been moved to the Elements' pages, under Fire.

Then again, if your tastes don't run to the cutting edge of politics, try our 'blog pages.  Still fiery enough to burn fluffies, but they won't singe your seat!

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Witches Blog

This is a page for general observations on Craft and other stuff.  For more contentious content, you need the Witches Brouhaha page.

This is for lighter stuff - still interesting, still very important, but not stuff which might set a political component's nose out of joint.  It might loosen a few religious teeth, however: that said, we respect the right of anyone to practice as they wish so long as they don't try to compel others, for that will never do.

To navigate to the post you wish to see, just look for the drop-down menu and there you will find a list.  Of course, it's always possible you found one of the stories on Faceache or some-such, in which case you're unlikely to be reading this, except by some strange telepathic means which makes you a peripheral.

Whichever portal you found yourself crossing the threshold of, welcome.