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Take a look at our new Craft Items page, which gives you access to all sorts of bespoke goodies, from hallmarked jewellery to flower arrangements, all made by us to your design.

We've started adding stories from the Mabinogion - first one, Lleu Llaw Gyffes has been added, but there are more on the way.

Look out, too, for the Troubadours of Albion Witches Brouhaha, an activism group set up to help uphold our values.  Join up here.

The Witches Brouhaha section on the website has been moved to the Elements' pages, under Fire.

Then again, if your tastes don't run to the cutting edge of politics, try our 'blog pages.  Still fiery enough to burn fluffies, but they won't singe your seat!

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Last, but in no manner of means least, we have the element of Water.

Water stands for emotions, stories - that indefinable tug that brings us back to our strongest point, the bond which keeps family strong and what is at the heart as powerful as the most irresistable force.  And, when it comes to it, it's that irresistable force which drives all life - it is the majick which keeps us upright, even when the odds are against us, it's what makes us win against oppressive circumstance, when the easiest course would be to curl up and forget everything. 

Water cleanses, washes away, it erodes dirt, vanquishes fire and displaces air, thus it is perhaps the strongest of the elements.  It is what's left when our basis disappears, our fight leaves us and our mind escapes us - we are left with primal instinct and this alone has caused many a lost hope to be found anew.

It is a mutable element, true; but in stress it is the mutable, the pliable and the seemingly soft which survives, like the flexible sapling, whereas the stiffer, stronger but yet more brittle shoot breaks.  And so it is with us.  Take away our stories, our history, our ancestors, and we become rootless and easily led.  If we have no past from which to learn, we have no future save that which is foisted upon us by those who wish to use us for their will, forgetting ours.

We bid you welcome, therefore, to our Water pages, always remembering that ours is not the stock of stories syncretised by Gregorian Christianity.  Where we meet references to this Lord or that Angel thereof, we try to reverse-engineer the story, to make it as near to what it would have been like when it was told 'round the hearth. 

Essentially, we aren't trying to reconstruct anything - as, perhaps, in various re-enactment societies and the like - but rather to give a sort of idea of what it would have been like in those times, so as to better understand the mindset of our ancestors who practiced as the Troubadours of Albion do. 

Understanding is the key, and so the wheel of life turns full circle.