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What's New?

Take a look at our new Craft Items page, which gives you access to all sorts of bespoke goodies, from hallmarked jewellery to flower arrangements, all made by us to your design.

We've started adding stories from the Mabinogion - first one, Lleu Llaw Gyffes has been added, but there are more on the way.

Look out, too, for the Troubadours of Albion Witches Brouhaha, an activism group set up to help uphold our values.  Join up here.

The Witches Brouhaha section on the website has been moved to the Elements' pages, under Fire.

Then again, if your tastes don't run to the cutting edge of politics, try our 'blog pages.  Still fiery enough to burn fluffies, but they won't singe your seat!

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Living Off the Land

Mummy Nature can be cruel and unforgiving, but she also provides for us, everything we need to live healthy lives.  Of course, she also provides that which will do us no good. How to know the difference - that is the big question...

You can pick, for example, mushrooms which are quite delicious - you can pick mushrooms which will have you floating in a sea of giggles for hours.  Or you could pick mushrooms which will wipe you out forever.  Do you know the difference? We do. And we can teach you - all sorts of fresher-than-fresh food from the verges in any neighbourhood, which you can pick, prepare, live with a rich, varied and wholesome diet for free, for most of the year.

Everyone needs to eat.  Everyone needs to eat healthily.  We can help you pick up fruits and vegetables that you know haven't been drowned in pesticide, genetically modified to within an inch of their lives, that will do you nothing but good, enabling you to nail that healthy lifestyle and save an absolute fortune on food from the supermarket which, with the best will in the world, you don't know what's had done to it.

True, you can learn this stuff from a book - about the only thing we teach you that you can pick up from a book!  But even so, learning from books is fraught with peril - just one typographical error can see a jolly, red-suited figure with a fondness for reindeer and philanthropy transformed into a questionable character with horns and cloven hooves.  Besides, even without typographical errors, the books aren't perfect; we, however, live by the same advice we give - and you can ask us questions - so you can be sure.

For just £30, we can save you thousands, and probably save your life too. 

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You know it makes sense.