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Take a look at our new Craft Items page, which gives you access to all sorts of bespoke goodies, from hallmarked jewellery to flower arrangements, all made by us to your design.

We've started adding stories from the Mabinogion - first one, Lleu Llaw Gyffes has been added, but there are more on the way.

Look out, too, for the Troubadours of Albion Witches Brouhaha, an activism group set up to help uphold our values.  Join up here.

The Witches Brouhaha section on the website has been moved to the Elements' pages, under Fire.

Then again, if your tastes don't run to the cutting edge of politics, try our 'blog pages.  Still fiery enough to burn fluffies, but they won't singe your seat!

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Welcome to the Troubadours of Albion Witchcraft Community

Majickian tarotThe Troubadours of Albion is an organisation which stands to preserve traditional British Witchcraft in its full strength.  Founded by Hereditary cunning-folk - immersed in the Olde Ways for over five hundred years - as an answer to the ephemeral watered-down, all-things-to-all-people reconstructionist hog-swill that goes for fashion these days, we aim to keep the old craft traditions alive.

Winter SolsticeWe do this by instructive activities.  We not only impart some wisdom upon our Ways to earnest souls willing to learn, but we can also tie in historical fact, backed up in many instances with archaeology.  We organise trips to significant sites and guided tours - all of which serve to deepen your understanding of true Craft.  You can join in other activities too - as we plan them, we'll let you know.  But understand, this is not a game - we don't condone dilettantes!

PowerThe serious side also includes activism.  Think of it as a sort of Pagan Federation, but with teeth.  Whereas the Pagan Federation seems to be all touchy-feely and left-wing, we aren't afraid of (legally) causing offence where necessary, and we're not afraid to do what is needed, again within the confines of the law, to make sure life remains liveable for all British pagans.

That said, we will have fun along the way.  Many of the trips you can join include fancy dress parties, reconstructions and other events, and we have an established Gathering which you can attend.